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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (09.17.2019)


Latest PECL Releases:scoutapm 0.0.3 - Fixed version number and naming convension so PECL uploader picks up on mismatches (last release was wrong) scoutapm 0.0.2 - Added extra compiler flags in development mode with `--enable-scoutapm-dev` - Fixed compilation errors surfaced by `--enable-scoutapm-dev` option - Added missing file `external.inc` in tests scoutapm 0.0.1 - Basic monitoring of file_get_contents, file_put_contents, fwrite, fread, curl_exec, PDO->exec, PDO->query, PDOStatement->execute - Provides function scoutapm_get_calls() to return a list of recorded function calls nsq 3.4.2 * Fix the problem of sub-processes not restarting automatically in CentOS environment pdflib 4.1.3 - improve phpinfo() output xlswriter 1.2.8 - FEAT insert date. - FEAT read data with type - FEAT work book is not initialized exception - FIX: minizip multiple definition gRPC 1.24.0RC1 - gRPC C Core 1.24 update

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